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- Homeschool Science Curriculum for Elementary Ages -

Our open-and-go curriculum lets your child explore their world through interactive, hands-on quests diving into what they see, hear, feel, observe, and experience.

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Age / Level: Elementary

Prep Time: Minimal

Delivery: Instant, interactive PDF
Approach: Secular, Open-and-Go

We offer two different programs, A Year of Discovery and Be a Naturalist. Both programs focus on supporting children as they create a strong foundation of scientific concepts and a love of learning through nature.

Price: $47

Instant Digital Download, Interactive PDF

A Year of Discovery will lead your child on monthly, seasonally geared quests that include focused nature walks, investigative nature study, hands-on experiments, engaging activities, great books, beautiful poetry, and captivating videos.

Price: $47

Instant Digital Download, Interactive PDF

Be a Naturalist introduces your child to the fundamentals of nature study while building a solid understanding of foundational scientific concepts. The program is divided into eight units called quests, with each quest revolving around a specific topic.

What's the difference?

Be A Naturalist A Year of Discovery
Number of Pages195118
Time To CompleteOne School Year12 Months
CoverageStand-Alone CurriculumSupplementary Curriculum
FormatInteractive Digital PDFInteractive Digital PDF
Age / Grade LevelElementaryElementary
DeliveryInstant Digital DownloadInstant Digital Download
Prep TimeMinimalMinimal
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Investigate concepts through hands-on quests designed to build a foundation of scientific understanding.

Little to no prep-time!

A small group of children gathers around a beetle specimen, drawing its habitat and sketching the bug as they study it with magnifying glasses. This image illustrates the second step - to explore.


Exciting adventures that will get your child outside and into nature.

           Learn in parks, preserves, or your own backyard!

A child, bundled up in a fall jacket holds a map. They're practicing orienteering in nature - seeing how things are connected. This image illustrates the third step - to connect.


Go beyond everyday learning to develop a love of science and an appreciation of the natural world.

Multi-age approach!

-why us?-

Science Through Nature is built upon the belief that elementary science should focus on topics a child can see, feel, and experience for themself, thereby allowing them to investigate their world. Concepts are not presented as facts to simply study or memorize, but as a part of life... as something real and meaningful to the child.


What's more, Science Through Nature curriculums...

  • Are an all-in-one science and nature study program that will take approximately one school year to complete.

    The only other required resources are nature guides, which can be obtained from your local library.

  • Suited for elementary aged students.

    Be A Naturalist can be used for younger and older children as well. Our sample (available on the here) includes a scope of covered topics that should give you a good idea if it is suitable for your children.

    A Year Of Discovery is geared towards elementary grades (1st - 6th), but is flexible enough to be used by older and younger siblings as well.

  • Suitable to any homeschooling method, including classical, traditional, Charlotte Mason, etc.

  • Combines indoor and outdoor adventures designed to keep your child engaged no matter the weather or your schedule.

  • Helps your child develop a knowledge of, and relationship with, the plants, animals, and other wildlife around him.

  • Contains outdoor adventures that can be conducted in any natural area near you - a local park, nature preserve, or your own backyard.