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Science Through Nature is built upon the belief that elementary science should focus on topics a child can see, feel, and experience for himself, thereby allowing him to investigate his world. Concepts are not presented as facts to simply study or memorize, but as a part of life... as something real and meaningful to the child.

What’s more, Science Through Nature...

●  is an all-in-one science and nature study program that will take approximately one school year to complete. The only other required resources are nature guides, which can be obtained from your local library.

●  presents new topics in a living story format consisting of letters written by a naturalist and wildlife biologist working at a fictional nature preserve.

●  is geared toward children in grades 2-5, although it can easily be tweaked for younger and older students.

●  is suitable to any homeschooling method, including classical, traditional, Charlotte Mason, etc.

●  combines indoor and outdoor adventures designed to keep your child engaged no matter the weather or your schedule.

●  helps your child develop a knowledge of, and relationship with, the plants, animals, and other wildlife around him.

●  contains outdoor adventures that can be conducted in any natural area near you - a local park, nature preserve, or your own backyard.

●  includes extensive lists of optional supplemental resources so you can expand your child’s learning to suit his needs and interests.


Be A Naturalist 

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Science Through Nature: Be a Naturalist introduces your child to the fundamentals of nature study while building a solid understanding of foundational scientific concepts. The program is divided into eight units called quests, with each quest revolving around a specific topic.

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September Nature Quest

Adventures for the month of September!

Price: FREE!

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In this quest your child will embark on six adventures designed around the month of September. There is also a Through the Year study to help him or her see how nature changes with the seasons.

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