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A Year of Discovery is more than just a science curriculum or nature study program - it’s an adventure! Inside you will find 12 monthly quests designed to ignite your child’s curiosity and connect her with the natural world, all while introducing important scientific concepts.

  • Each quest contains numerous seasonally geared topics (aka adventures) for your child to explore via focused nature walks, investigative nature study, hands-on experiments, engaging activities, great books, and interesting videos. Along the way, she will record her discoveries in a personalized adventure journal and add to a nature collection.
  • In addition, each month contains a “Through the Year” section to help your child track seasonal changes, such as the time of sunrise and sunset, the transformation of a deciduous tree, etc.
  • Beautiful, seasonal poetry is sprinkled throughout the quests, along with possible art extensions.
  • Links to applicable websites and videos are embedded in the activities to help you extend your child’s learning and effortlessly find instructions for crafts, experiments, and more.
  • The only outside resource you need to complete A Year of Discovery is a nature guide. However, a booklist has been included so you can easily find coordinating books for each month’s quest. Likewise, you will find a comprehensive concordance for A Handbook of Nature Study.
  • The program is designed so no printing is necessary. However, if you prefer to use a print version, keep the digital copy handy so you can easily access the embedded links.
  • Topics will vary in the amount of time it takes to complete them. Some can be expanded to last a week or more while others may take only a few days. Don’t stress about finishing all topics in the month they are listed.
  • Topics can be completed in any order. Tweak their placement to ensure they match up with your region’s seasonal changes.
  • You can begin A Year of discovery in any month, at any time of the year - no need to start in January!