A natural
approach to

We believe in a simpler way of teaching children.

Harnessing their love of adventure, exploration, and nature to teach science through an open‑and‑go curriculum.

The Naturalist Approach

We believe that elementary science should be centered around a child's world - on things they can physically see, feel, and experience.


Investigate concepts through hands-on quests designed to build a foundation of scientific understanding.

Little to no prep-time!

A small group of children gathers around a beetle specimen, drawing its habitat and sketching the bug as they study it with magnifying glasses. This image illustrates the second step - to explore.


Exciting adventures that will get your child outside and into nature.

           Learn in parks, preserves, or your own backyard!

A child, bundled up in a fall jacket holds a map. They're practicing orienteering in nature - seeing how things are connected. This image illustrates the third step - to connect.


Go beyond everyday learning to develop a love of science and an appreciation of the natural world.

Multi-age approach!

field notes:


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An all-in-one secular science and nature study program.
No supplementation needed!


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Adventures are geared towards elementary age children.
Easily adaptable for all ages!

Science as storytelling:

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Living stories offer a natural learning path.
Comprehensive book list included!

Illustration of a beetle crawling across the page.
Illustrated snail, peaking out of it's shell and sliming along the page.