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Commission Rate: 15% of purchase price

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Credit: To last affiliate

Payout Frequency: First Tuesday of Quarter

Delivery: via Paypal

Refund: No payout if refunded

We want our curriculum to get in the hands of as many explorers and guides as possible. We believe our approach to teaching science is a powerful one. We've priced our all-in-one curriculum with accessibility in mind.

-what works-

The largest payouts come from these two places:

  1. Facebook Groups
  2. Email Marketing

When you see a parent seeking a curriculum that matches ours, recommend us using your custom affiliate link!

These are people that are actively seeking a solution - quality and engaging science curriculum that gets their children outside in nature. They're more likely to buy our programs, which means you're more likely to get a payout.

Do This:

✅  Share your personal experience with the program

✅  Make posts showing our curriculum in action

✅  Truthfully share your favorite things about the curriculum with others

✅  Recommend a program that helps the family find a curriculum that matches their needs

Not This:

❌  Spam Facebook groups with your link (nobody likes that and you'll get yourself banned)

❌  Tell people they'll get a discount with your code

❌  Fail to tell someone that your link is an affiliate link (check out this info/law)

❌  Recommend the program to someone on Mars 😉